Mafia City H505/22/2018

1.Classification and Function of Resources

Currently the resources available in Mafia City are as follows: Cargo, Cash, Arms, Metal and Gold. Both the Cargo and Cash are the most basic and commonly used resource; Arms are only available when Mansion has reached level 10, produced at the “Ammu-Nation” building; likewise Metal is only available when Mansion reached level 15, produced at the “Smelter” building; Lastly Gold, the most advance type of resource that can be gained either by robbing Banks in the city or from purchasing of packs, Gold can be used to replace any resource and speedup items.

Both Arms and Metal are necessary material for the later part of the development! Leaders don’t forget to store up on those.

2. Free rewards within the Turf

The Turf holds vast amount of rewards, if you pay attention, you’ll be able to collect plenty of free rewards.

• 1st time Bind Account Reward: 200 Gold.

• 1st time joining clan Reward: 200 Gold.

• Greeting Gift in Reward Center: collect 1 reward a day, for the 1st 7 day of playing the game. Even have chance of getting speed up item.

• Fountain Sign In: Daily sign in, consist of 7 day per set, reward gets better as sign in progress. The reward for the 7th day of the first set of sign in is 500 Gold!

• Protect Babe Rewards: Every now and then a Babe will come to seek shelter, help her and you’ll be able to obtain the rewards. .

• Passerby and Sport Car Rewards: Rob Passerby outside the Turf (NPC walking in the Turf map with a blue circle, simply tap on it) and stop the yellow sport car for rewards, has limited collect chance.

• Secretary Notice Reward: A secretary icon might appear on the building, clicking it will be rewarded.

3. Safe Resources and Vault

Safe Resource refers to resource gained from using resource item (excluding resource from packs). These resources cannot be detected or robbed by other leaders nor will it be consumed by crews within the Turf. Vault is a building that protects resources, although it cannot hide the resource from detection but it can protect it from plunder or being consumed by crew members.

4. Tips on Resource Collecting

On the City Map contains varies Cargo Hub, Counterfeiter Ammu-Nation, Smelter and Bank. By clicking the resource plot and occupy then dispatch crews, one can rob the plot for resource. The crews will automatically return upon completing the rob.

Resources distributed within the City are girdle like, as you move closer to the center of the city, the level of the resource site becomes higher. Players can use Teleport items to teleport to areas with higher resource; this will greatly help in the speed of your development.

5. Black Market

Black Market are an essential building to purchasing resources, it will be unlocked at level 8.

Players can use their free count to directly exchange for reward or use the gold. Number of free count (corresponds with the Black Market’s level) will refresh daily, items like “Wine” can be used to get more free count.

6. Smuggler

Smuggler is where resource and gold can be used to exchange for items, it’s available when Mansion reaches level 6.

Player can use resource or gold to exchange for superb item.

Note: If you wish to use gold to buy “Leader EXP” and “lots of Resource”, just refresh the smuggler.

7. How to accumulate resources?

Unprotected resources might be robbed by other Leaders, where as cash will be consumed by crews. Therefore when preparing to upgrade an important building, the first thing to do is to ensure its safety, if necessary one can always use truce; another way would be to use salary reduction to reduce the resource consumed by crews or by accumulating the resource items from completing jobs and use it when necessary.


Race against Time, Lots of event reward!

Race against Time, Lots of event reward!


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Race against Time, Lots of event reward!

Race against Time, Lots of event reward!

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