New Update Is Here (2019-07-11)

Mafia City H507/10/2019

New Content

1. A New Vigilante: The Death Reaper [Marcus].

2. A New Turf Decoration: [Roaring Tiger Palace].

3. A New Ops Decoration: [Fuzzy Panda Ops Effect].

4. A New Turf Effect: [Stardust Eve].

5. A Newly Added [First Aid Center]: After the Governor of Mafia event has ended; players can use a [Medical Certification] to heal Crew Members at this new building


1. Settings-Options
We’ve added a setting that will let you to turn the line that shows where a Cops Raid is traveling to on or off.

2. Godfather Collection
A newly added collection entitled [Godfather’s Gun].

3. Monument of Glory
A newly added Godfather’s Achievement entitled [Legendary Overlord].

4. Leader Details
We’ve optimized the UI for the Leader Details and Leader Resources interfaces.

5. Chat
A newly added Sticker Feature.

6. Roadster Club
We’ve optimized how you can obtain and use Club Points.

7. We’ve optimized the Roadster Club’s animation.

8. We’ve optimized how the game helps newbie players complete the various tasks.

9. We’ve optimizes how the interactive finger guides players to build buildings.

10. We’ve optimized the prompt for entering the VIP interface.

11. The Secretary Position
The Secretary can now also issue Mayor Gift and Appoint players to official positions.

Fixed Content

1. We fixed the issue players were having with the prompt box related to Chapter 14 not being refreshed.

2. We fixed the issue some players were having where they couldn’t make payments related to renewing Exclusive Privileges.


New Update Is Here (2019-07-04)

New Update Is Here (2019-07-04)


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